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Would You Like to Regain Control of Your Software Projects?

Your decisions depend on knowing project status.  Yet, the state of software projects is usually hidden.  That is, until near the end, when it becomes painfully clear whether your project will complete on time, or is going to even succeed.  Only 16% of projects complete on time and a staggering 40% never complete.

It doesn't have to be that way!  You can have insight into every step of a software project.  And regain control of your business.  I will give you tools to determine how late your project will be.  And how much over budget.  With only 20% of the project completed!  Then you can decide if continued investment is in your best interest.

You can also estimate your testing effort.  I will show you how to extrapolate early requirements and design errors to testing and debugging time.  With that knowledge you can choose to redesign or budget for a larger testing effort, far in advance.

You can control your software changes.  I've seen a project with over 100 requirements changes during the last 25% of the project.  And management had no idea!  I will show you how to guage requirements stability.  You can also ensure individual changes make sense for your business.

These are just a few of the advantages that can be yours when you utilize the skills and experience of Thomas C. Green.  I have over 24 years of software development experience; over a decade in software management.  My wide range of experience includes real-time firmware, telecommunications, middleware, CAD/CAM, networking, hardware, small/large scale project management, software quality assurance and software process improvement (including SEI/CMM).  This enables me to quickly understand your particular environment and help your projects succeed.  My computer science formal training (BSCS, MSCS, and progress toward a Ph.D.) is supplemented with continuous skill building to provide you with up-to-date capabilities.

As a new client, I offer my services at no risk to you.  If, after one half day of consulting, you feel that you have not received at least a full day's worth of value, we can part ways and you owe nothing.  You get to keep and use what you learned!

Thomas C. Green, President
Practical Process, Inc.
4709 Harwich Street
Boulder, CO   80301

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