Is Your Process Improvement Effort More Like Chaos Or Steady Improvement?


Software Process Improvement (SPI) efforts are rarely a steady stream of successes.  They go in fits and starts.  Often, after a flurry of activity, process documents end up on a shelf ― becoming “dustware.”  The “I” in SPI stands for Improvement, yet most organizations find themselves stagnated after creating their first set of process documents.  The process documents rarely continue to improve.

 To achieve ever-higher levels of process maturity organizations need to continuously improve.  Practical Process, Inc., (PPI) has a system that can work for you!  Each organization that has implemented PPI’s system has been successful.  And, to the degree an organization followed the complete system, the more successful they were.

 The system is called the Process Change Management System (PCMS).  PCMS works with all improvement models (e.g., SEI/CMM(I), ISO 9001, SPICE, etc.), or no model at all.  For many software organizations, it is possible to implement PCMS for relatively little cost.  Often many of the tools needed are already in use by software organizations!

 Getting buy-in for cultural changes, at all levels, is one of the most difficult hurdles in Software Process Improvement. Research shows the PCMS method increases buy-in at all levels: upper management, management, and individual contributors.  Implementing a PCMS requires only a small cultural change for your software organization, so increases its chances of success.  And, once the PMCS change has been instituted within your organization, it becomes the vehicle for continued, rapid process change.

 PPI has a unique philosophy. We believe you need to be as independent as possible, as quickly as possible.  Consulting from PPI can be minimized.  Typically an organization gets started very quickly and begins operating on its own in a short time.  Follow up visits or consultations can be scheduled as needed to fine tune the system and receive the full benefit of the PCMS.  For organizations that would like to implement the entire system completely on their own, PPI also offers a detailed report on how to institute a PCMS at your site.


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