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PPI works with organizations that:

bulletWant to initiate a Software Process Improvement (SPI) effort
bulletWant to achieve more consistent results in their on-going process improvement efforts

PPI helps organizations with training, consulting and/or electronic self-help reports covering:

bulletHow to set up and maintain a Process Configuration Management System (more info)
bulletHow to set up project tracking / metrics for executive oversight
bulletHow to involve non-software managers in your software projects
bulletHow to set up a peer-review system (that pays for itself)
bulletHow to track requirements elicitation and implementation to completion
bulletHow to set up a cost and schedule predictive system using earned value
bulletHow to rapidly plan your projects using parametric project planning
bulletHow to stay out of trouble (and on-track) using configuration management
bulletHow to manage your project risks and opportunities
bulletHow to hire software engineers

PPI sponsors the Software Engineering Yellow Pages, a reference area for your process improvement efforts!


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